Stylish Wall Dividers

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Wall dividers furniture is one of furniture that is worth to be added in a house for those of you who are confused to choose the room divider for your rooms. Indeed, only used plain walls for divide room is too common. A plain will also be less appropriate if your house is small. Some creative ideas wall dividers below are recommended for you to try. You can create your own model of the room divider as you wish or buy at furniture stores that can also make a deal through online.

Wall dividers with natural materials such as bamboo or wood can be selected for you who want ethnic or oriental theme. Some models with materials such as those mentioned before can be seen in common dividers used by Japanese people. Models that are usually made from wood are shaped long square with small squares inside or bamboo screen picture, and so on. While models made of bamboo usually connected vertically. There are models of wood carvings on its side too.

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Wall dividers with a more modern theme are also available too. The simplest models with a theme like this are a wall with a square or circular hole in certain parts. So, to make the hole, the divider of walls is made in some modifications. You can add other furniture such as sofa near the wall. For teens, they can also create their own interfaces with teen style according to your age. For example with curtains or wood framed fabric. A divider with this model is also suitable with design a transparent glass.

Wall dividers are common and widely favored is in form of the bookshelf. There is a wide choice of modifications to the bookshelf itself. You can make it as a bookcase in general. The other side of the bookcase can be made in open or closed with thin board. Models of rack with one side which is covered such border is commonly used as the door to the secret room as like you can see in the movies.

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14 Photos of the Stylish Wall Dividers

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