Designing Unique House Using Faux Stone Wall

faux stone wall panel

Faux stone wall is a wall decoration that uses stone. Making the stone walls of your home is one way to create the beauty of home with natural atmosphere. Moreover, you can do by yourself in making the wall and don’t need to hire a mason because all you need to do is draw up a boulder. By doing your own, you can feel the satisfaction when you’re finishing in stacking wall.

Faux stone wall can be installed for interior as the wall of a particular room and can also be installed for exterior. You can make wall with faux stone for the dining room, living room, bathroom, and so on. Meanwhile, if applied to exterior wall, you can make it as a patio, or a certain part of your garden. You do not need to create a whole wall with a stone, but just one of the side walls with stone elements.

faux stone wall tile

Faux stone wall is made of material that resembles stone until the very details. People around you or your friends might think you really make a stone wall because the material is actually very similar to stone. Actually, faux stone wall is made of a material that has a high density, more rough and tough named polyurethane. It is a material that is resistant to weather conditions and not easily fades or destroyed. In addition, this material is resistant to pests or insects as well.

Faux stone wall that is sold in stores either online or not, have a lot of variety of colors and types. There is a soil color, iced coffee, brown, vanilla, sand, white, gray, and so on. The bathroom walls can be paste with white or vanilla elements, while for the living room you can choose the soil or iced coffee color. You are free to choose color for your walls. For the exterior, you can choose the brown or sand color.

faux stone wall tile

13 Photos of the Designing Unique House Using Faux Stone Wall

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