A Religious Site: The Wailing Wall

the wailing wall

The Wailing Wall which is also called the Western Wall is ancient Jewish sites that are part of Herod’s temple built by Herod the Great in around 20 century BC. This building has a height of 187 feet and is located in the old city of Jerusalem. Initially, the building is quite hidden by the surrounding buildings. This wall directly is facing the Jewish Quarter, a place which since the 16th century used as a place of pilgrimage and prayer for Jews.

The Wailing Wall composed of limestone material has a lot of writing prayers on any wall surface that leads us believe that every day there are a lot of people come to visit the place to pray. The wall wailing building actually been tried to be destroyed by the Roman under the lead of Titus, but was later rebuilt by the nation of Israel in 1948.

wailing wall history

The Wailing Wall today is one of the historical sites and religious tourism for foreign people. For Jews, this building is a place of worship, as well as Muslims and Ka’bah. Meanwhile, there is a separate story about why the building is called that way. It is because of its history. People who come are praying and weeping. Several ayahs in the scriptures of the Jews told the history of the story of this ancient building. It is also shown through the words of the prayers written in full of desperate wailing tone. You will actually be able to feel how lamentation and the building atmosphere when you visit this place one day.

The Wailing Wall is one of the tourist attractions that are suitable for those of you who love the archaeological tour. You may get knowledge of the history of eastern culture and experiences on how people at those time praying as well. However, currently there are some cases that women who pray in this place were later arrested by the local police. Thus are brief explanations that can be given. You can look for news related to this place through internet sites so that you will not feel fooled visit this place.

the wailing wall

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